Motorcycle Accident in the Philippines – Fact, It’s Rising

Motorcyclist’s have been expressing their voice of concern when it’s both timely and appropriate.

Edwin Butacan is the official spokesperson for the PNP and recently said,,”a total of 209 cases of accidents involving motorcycles have been recorded in January this year, a significant increase compared to last year’s record of 106 cases.” موتر سایکل های بالاتر از ۵۰ سی سی ثابت ىر كابل

This doubled record gives the absolute facts of wreck less and careless driving when it comes to having a motorcycle accident in the Philippines. Contrary to popular belief, numbers have been soaring through countries with high statistic rates for motorcycle accidents.

The worst place to bike in the Philippines is often called “killer highway” and at least once per day there is an accident that leads to death. This highway is located in the Philippines at the Malolos town in Bulacan province. This country has noted a much higher increase with motorcycle years and they predict that it’s a trend that will be here for a very long time. Seeing a motorcycle in the Philippines is one thing, but being involved in that accident is an even more horrific experience. The lesson one should take into reality is the safety that motorcycle gear such as helmets or armor vests provide.

HBG recently conducted a survey that helped provide statistics of motorcycles and their riders. This study was mainly significant for its motorcycle consumer reports. This special report is the proof that motorcycle sales are booming across the country. There is a total of 7,000 motorcycle sales every week of the year. Keep this fact in mind when trying to avoid having a motorcycle accident in the Philippines.